University Lodge of Chester Welcomes three New Members

Three first year students from Chester University became Freemasons yesterday when they were Initiated at the University Lodge of Chester during a spectacular ceremony.  The Lodge has been growing since it was first formed in 2011 now former and present students are beginning to take key offices and working with exacting ritual.

Yesterday saw three students become members, Bro Kieran Greave aged 19, Bro Alex Campbell aged 18 and Bro Liam Rowland aged 20.  They were conducted around the Lodge by three students Bro Alex Redford SD, Bro Joe McShane JD and Bro Sunny Smith MM all  22 years of age.  The Entered Apprentice tools were presented by Bro Mathew McGowan aged 20 who also assisted the Lodge Treasure and Bro Alex Redford SD aged 22 presented part of the Charge at Initiation. The quality of their individual presentations was stunning.

The Incoming members were welcomed by the Master WBro Keith Grey and WBro George Mann APGM. During the Festive Board they made comment about the fraternal and sincere warmth of their welcome; new members sat with their individual mentor and in the absence of the Lodge Mentor Grand Officers WBro George Mann APGM and WBro Mike McGarva Past APGM answered a myriad of questions about Freemasonry over dinner.  During the evening part of the Lodge Room and Festive Board was professionally filmed by Bro Carl Beattie from Antix Productions as part of a special video/film being produced for our Provincial Grand Master Stephen Martin Blank showing Cheshire at its very best. Yesterday’s meeting of University Lodge of Chester was a classic case of how our younger members are excelling in Freemasonry when guided by the many skills of senior members in the University Lodge of Chester and leaders of Cheshire.

Filming at the Festive Board for a new presentation of Cheshire Freemasonry to be released shortly

University Lodge of Chester new Members left to right in Entered Apprentices Aprons Liam Rowland; Alex Campbell; Kieran Gleave, Supported by left to right:  Mike McGarva Past APGM; Joe McShane JD; Sunny Smith MM; Alex Redford SD; George Mann APGM