Travellers Lodge Initiate another Lewis Member

Travellers Lodge 2609 Initiate their second “Lewis” Member, Ian Alexandra Evans who’s Dad Keith is Lodge Secretary in a spectacular ceremony on Saturday 25 November, the Initiation ceremony was carried out by Master Norman Jinks with the Charge after Initiation by Ian’s Dad Keith. Another family group also took part in the Ceremony with James Dodd occupying the Junior Wardens Chair and his son Nigel Dodd as Inner Guard. Ian is a Motor Transport lecturer at Wirral Metropolitan College and knows all about changes in the Red Flag Act in 1896 the year when the Lodge was consecrated in the heart of Chester.

Supporting this special even in the history of Travellers Lodge were APGM’s George Mann and Gary Horstman accompanied by Grand and Provincial Officers. After the ceremony the Lodge tucked into traditional Christmas fayre in a packed dining room.

All smiling on such a happy occasion left to right: Paul Richards; George Mann APGM; Norman Jinks Master; Ian Andrew Evans New Member; Keith Evans Dad and Lodge Secretary; Gary Horstman APGM; Brian Mayoh

Well done Son – thanks Dad

All the “Lewis” Members together Jim Dodd with this son Nigel Dodd and Ian Evans with his Dad Keith Evans

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  1. I understand that my Grandfather, Frank Owen was a member of Travellers Lodge around the mid 1920s-1930?
    I wonder if you could confirm or add any further information for me? It would be greatly appreciated as I know very little of him!

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