Travellers Lodge No. 2609 Febstival Event

Travellers Lodge presented The 2016 Festival Chairman, WBro Paul Richards, with cheques to the value of £725 as part of the Lodges contribution to the Febstival initiative. Paul thanked all present for their generosity and the Brethren of Travellers Lodge for their contribution to the Festival.
The Febstival event took place at Cheshire View Masonic Hall on the 28th February.
The evening started by a drinks reception with back ground music provided by a Lady Harpist, Miss Caitlin Lovell (15 years old) who gave a recital much to the delight of all present and was met with much applause.
The Assistant Director of Ceremonies, WBro Gordon Martin requested that the work in the Lodge Room was to start and all Masons present retired, leaving the Non Mason guests to socialise.

They soon returned and all sat to a sumptuous banquet meal whilst the Lodge Junior Warden Bro Norman Jinks acted as Master of Ceremonies whose quick fire humour added to the ambience of the evening.
As part of the evening, WBro Colin Morrish (Charity Steward) gave an informative explanation of the Festival, its objectives and the benefits for Mason’s , their dependants and non mason’s.
A raffle was held for the Masonic Samaritan Fund with many fine prizes and a light friendly atmosphere covered the whole evening.