The Provincial Grand Master visits Area Five

Our Provincial Grand Master made the second of his Area Visits to Willaston Masonic Hall at Crewe on Thursday 23 November,  he was supported with a massive attendance of Acting Provincial Grand Officers and representatives from Lodges in the Crewe and Sandbach Areas of the Province. South Cheshire Lodge hosted the meeting and Initiated their newest member Bro Barry Curtis with a spectacular and meaningful ceremony. Bro Curtis really followed the ceremony and when asked to give the Password to the Junior Warden made a very quickly reply saying NO much to everyone’s delight. South Cheshire Lodge most certainly have a very positive new member in Brother Curtis.

South Cheshire Lodge is now the Scout Lodge for Cheshire the meeting was supported by Chairman of the Kindred Lodges Association WBro Steve Gough. In the coming months the Lodge will visit other Masonic Centres in the Province and Scout groups to draw attention to Freemasons who have connections with Scouting.

A very strong delegation of Acting Officers support our Provincial Grand Master during his visit to Willaston Masonic Hall.

A night to remember when Brother Curtis became a Freemason left to right: James Trafford JW; Ernest Blunstone SW; Daniel Sinden Master; Barry Curtis New Member; Ken Jones Initiating master; Leslie Dickens DC; Peter Johnson SD.