The Door Closes on Condate Lodge No.9594

From left to right: WBros S. Hale (founder), J. Mainwaring (founder) S.C. L. Richardson (APGM ),
G. Bowden (WM), A. Baxter (Chaplain), E. Dixon (Secretary)

It can be a sombre and sad occasion when a Lodge decides to hand in its warrant and close, but in his eulogy  WBro Simon Richardson PJGD APGM for Area 5 concentrated on the positives that can evolve from the members of a Lodge facing closure, a wealth of experience from those members can bring success to other Lodges.

It was a hot and sultry evening for all who came to witness the closure of Condate Lodge in Frodsham on Tuesday 21st August, they listened intently to the Lodge Secretary who gave a brief history on how Condate Cheshire Provincial Grand Officers Lodge No.9594 was founded and consecrated in 1995.

WBro Simon Richardson read a traditional poem before the final procession of Officers led by the Tyler left the Lodge Room for the final time, WBro Simon Richardson carrying the Lodge Warrant  was last to leave extinguishing the lights and closing the door behind him.

A happy and enjoyable Festive Board followed where the conversation was of a positive note and during his speech WBro Stuart Hale PAGDC, a founder of the Lodge suggested that members should meet up for an annual reunion.