The Auckland Family Fall Out of the Sky for Charity

With a little help from the Freemasons of Chester Carole and Liam Stafford dropped out of the sky to raise £1,000 for Dementia sufferers in their home town of Southampton. Carole, daughter of well-known Chester Freemason Gil Auckland has been raising money over a number of years for Dementia, Epilepsy, Autism and Breast Cancer but due to an injury was unable to complete her normal 10K run. Wishing to continue with fund raising she came up with the idea of skydiving at 125mph, Loyal City Lodge 4839 and Clarence Chapter 2386 sponsored Carole enabling her and husband Liam to hire a light aircraft and jump to the ground with an experienced skydiver on their back and a good strong parachute. On 13 August the two took to the skies over Wiltshire and jumped in the name of charity for the very first time.

Carole and Liam successfully raised the target figure of £1000, and plan to continue to assist local charities in future years but maybe not in such a hair-raising manner. Carole a Medical Worked for 30 years says fundraisers like Freemasons help pay for research into terminal diseases that can be so devastating for the family.

skydive--Aug-2016Carole and Liam Stafford after a 10,000 ft freefall

skydive-certThe certificate to say it all, thanks to the Freemasons of Chester.