That’s the Way to Do It

Proof that White Table Meetings really do work can be seen at Gothic Lodge meeting at Cheshire View. Four years ago the Lodge was in the doldrums struggling to build on their membership, then they hosted a White Table Meeting to introduce young potential members to Freemasonry, since that time they haven’t looked back, they now have five entered apprentices, one fellow craft and one potential member waiting to be Initiated, all below the age of 30.

On Saturday 14 October they Passed one of their youngest Bros Joshua Kaissi in a first class ceremony carried out by Past Master Stephen Glendler. WBro George Mann APGM was on hand to welcome all new members to Cheshire and to ensure new members were coached properly and not take too onerous offices early in their movement along the ladder to the Masters Chair.

Some members of Gothic Lodge with two of their Entered Apprentices before the ceremony of Passing.

George Mann APGM;  Joshua Kaissi Fellow Craft; Stephen Glendler Master