Tarporley Lodge Olde English Night

Fifty members and guests attended Tarporley Lodge’s Olde English Night at Willington Hall where they dined on sausage and mash followed by jam roly poly!

Festivities included all the usual and peculiar activities of an Olde English Night, there were lots of 50p fines, and exemption certificates were sold at £5 per head, which were rescinded at 9pm.

WBro Peter James acted as ‘Bellman’ and Worshipful Master Tim Dobson who is a goat farmer by profession, invested both Wardens into the ‘Order of the Goat’ and were given ceremonial goat skins! The Brethren were thoroughly overwhelmed with this little heard of, and rarely performed ceremony which, culminated with ‘patterned firing’.

The evening raised a magnificent amount for charity and there are still some commemorative mugs left should any brother wish to purchase one from Tim Dobson.

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