St Oswalds Lodge in the Community – Malpas Fair

St Oswalds Lodge took a stand at the Malpas Fair on Saturday 14 July 2018. The weather was fantastic, and the fair was extremely well attended.

It enabled St Oswalds to reach out to the community in Malpas and South-West Cheshire, and in particular to inform people of the community and charity work undertaken by the Freemasons in Malpas and across Cheshire.

There were positive comments from everybody that attended the stand, and, indeed, two gentlemen enquired about becoming Freemasons – with a further two expressing an interest in re-joining following a period away from Freemasonry because of work commitments (outside Cheshire).

Many of the brethren of St Oswalds took turns in manning the stall and raised £150 for the TLC over the course of the day. Special mention in this regard should go to WBro David Rogers – who was not only the best dressed man at the Fair but was fabulous at reaching-out to stall visitors for this excellent cause.


A ‘thank-you’ should also go to Area 2 – and particularly the brethren of Phoenix Lodge – who kindly allowed us to borrow stands and material following their successful event the previous week at Parkgate Carnival.