Second Degree Demonstration circa 1765 by the Sutton Coldfield Team

Nearly 100 members and guests of Gateways Lodge 6374 attended Cheshire View on Thursday 18th Feb to witness a demonstration of the Second Degree circa 1765 by the Sutton Coldfield Demonstration Team in a fun pack evening. Members and guests were entertained and educated by Most Worshipful (Chris Boston), Charlie (Graham Kirby) and the team as they explained the difference between Ancients and Moderns, how they tested a Visitors in 1765, the Passing of a Candidate, lines on ancient tracing boards and how they called off for refreshment mid-way through their ceremonies. The fun evening was Gateways contribution to the Feb-Fest Month of celebrations in aid of the 2016 Festival. The evening generated £925.00 presented by Team Leader Christ Boston to the Master Christopher Devine and George Mann APGM.

After the ceremony members and guests tucked into a massive Cheshire View Carvery followed by an hilarious rendering of the “Policeman’s Lot” and “A Masonic Lodge is such a Happy One” by four members of Gateways Lodge dressed in pseudo policemen’s hats and butchers aprons, armed with a Leak, Carrot, Banana and Parsnip as batons.

A splendid evening held together and controlled in a first class manner by Lodge D.C. Terry Wroe all in the cause of our 2016 Festival.

image007The Evening generated £925 for the 2016 Festival seen hear presented by Chris Boston Leader of the Demonstration Team to Master Christopher Devine and George Mann APGM, accompanied by the ‘cast’, WBro Paul Richards Festival Chairman and WBro Marsh Edwards and George Mann

image008Photograph: Members of Gateways Lodge preparing to sing “A Masonic Lodge is Such a Happy One”

image009Exhausting work this you know!!!!