SCMGS and CFC Support Neuro Muscular Centre

Cheshire Freemasons; Harold Knapton, Simon Palfreyman, Noel Martin and John Morgan with NMC CEO Matthew Langham

The South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society was originally formed by golfing Masons from Upton and Chester Golf Clubs, their prime aim was to raise funds for good causes in Cheshire. However, after some years it was decided to support the Peter Alliss Wheelchair Appeal. The South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society provided the Peter Alliss Appeal with donations of many thousands of pounds during the years 1974 to 2016, resulting in the purchase of 55 powered wheelchairs for deserving recipients. In 2018 a slight shift to provide disability aids to a wider range of beneficiaries has been made by the society members, in this sense, they have selected the Neuro Muscular Dystrophy Centre in Winsford as a major recipient for 2018 /19.

At the recent Gala Dinner and fund raising event in memory of Gil Auckland, who was one of the driving forces behind the success of the society’s charity fund raising, a wheelchair was donated to Lee Herbert. Lee, who hails from Telford and receives treatment at the Winsford Centre was thrilled to receive the modern and sophisticated powered wheelchair saying

“I am very, very grateful to the SCMGS for my new power wheelchair. It has changed my life for the better and helps me loads with my daily life. I can get out more and really enjoy life! I’m so appreciative of your kind generosity.”

At this fund raising night a cheque for £25,000 was presented to the Neuro Muscular Centre on behalf of the Cheshire Freemasons’ Charity. This money will enable the centre to purchase specialised equipment such as 2 Thera Trainer Bikes, which will be used in the Neuromuscular Gym and 27 pairs of specialist orthotics gloves. These items have a range of positive outcomes. The benefit of using orthosis may be the difference between an individual being able to ‘drive’ a wheelchair independently or not. Funds will also be used to purchase future powered wheelchairs.

Matthew Lanham, The Neuromuscular Centre’s Chief Executive said

“I want to say a huge thank you to the South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society as well as the Cheshire Freemasons Charity who worked so closely together and are so incredibly generous. The life changing donations have enabled us to buy two fully accessible gym bikes. People with muscular dystrophy have very little muscle strength but still need to exercise to stay healthy. This donation made that possible for hundreds of people. Huge thanks to all involved in raising this money and so kindly donating it to our unique charity.”

Matthew went on to also thank the SCMGS for some other specialist orthotic equipment to enable people with muscular dystrophy to keep on using their hands and fingers to do everyday tasks for longer.’

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