Sandbach Freemasons Exhibit at Kelsall Steam and Vintage Rally

Three members of Samaritan Lodge number 368 are ardent vintage commercial vehicle collectors and restorers, between them they amass some 68 vintage commercial vehicles all in good working order and as pristine as the day they were made. WBro Geoff Newsome of Church View Farm opens up this grounds once per year to host the Kelsall Steam and Vintage Rally, thousands pack the two-day event, this year it was held on 24 and 25 June, it is now known as one of the best in the North West of England; as always he was supported by members of Sandbach Lodge, Bro Robert Leech, Bro Robert Coats and WBro Bill Morris.

Bro Robert Leech frequently takes his vehicles all over the country to exhibit at specialist rallies, in a few weeks time he will take a vintage vehicle to Ireland.  Robert says, “driving is not easy, acceleration is slow and non-have powered steering but its great fun”. Bro Robert Coates has a Commercial Export Plant Sales business in Stoke-on-Trent and frequently drives massive construction vehicles as well as his own collection of much older models. W. Brother Geoff Newsome now (Master of Samaritan Lodge) has a collection of Vintage Cattle Trucks, long gone are the marks and smell of cattle all are gleaming examples of yesteryear transport and now only smell of fresh paint.  Another well know Sandbach Freemason WBro Bill Morrison has an interest in Steam Traction Engines and when not helping out at Sandbach Masonic Hall can often be found dismantling steam engines and restoring to working life.

There must be something about Sandbach and Nantwich, Masonic members from both have vintage vehicle collections. Some time ago this Web news page reported on WBro. Gerald Emerton’s collection of ancient and vintage coaches. WBro Andrew Rigby Past APGM for Chester and South Cheshire has a vintage vehicle an Austin Seven.

 Robert Leech alongside one of his Vintage vehicles proudly carrying his name.

One of many WBro Geoff Newsome’s pristine vehicles, paint sparkling and not a sign of straw in sight

Brother Robert Coates alongside another of his pristine vehicles

Brother Robert Coates proudly shows one of his vintage Albion Cattle Trucks first registered in July 1955

The latest version for Bro Robert Coats weighing 44,000Kg a 16,400 cc diesel three wheel artic tractor unit.

One of the machines WBro Bill Morris loves to tinker with on a rainy day in the well equipt workshop.