Sanbec Lodge Show their new Pedestal Covers

The Round Table Lodge of South Cheshire 8787 recently changed their name to Sanbec Lodge to reflect the ancient name of Sandbach, thanks to a generous donation from the widow of the late WBro Ken Albutt and other Lodge members the Lodge has been able to replace their pedestal covers and provide new regalia. Following the Installation of their new Master on 9 October 2017, they were able to wear their new regalia with pride which reflects the new smarter image of Sanbec Lodge.

History tells us the Town of Sandbach was known as Sanbec in 1086, it was changed to Sondbache in 1260, and Sandbitch in the 17th-18th centuries. Sandbach derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon sand bæce, which can mean “sand stream” or “sand valley”

Left to right, Bro Adrian Bunn (Junior Warden), Bro Robert Shaw (Senior Warden) and WBro Paul Morris (Worshipful Master).