Robert Spence Celebrates his Golden Anniversary at Wythenshawe Daylight Lodge

WBro Robert Spence a member of Wythenshawe Daylight Lodge celebrated his 50th Anniversary on 4 April amongst a Lodge Room packed with members and guests.

Robert a former Detective Chief Inspector with Cheshire Constabulary has been Master of his Lodge four times, has a very creditable attendance record of 92% and can remember when his Lodge met at Sale Masonic Hall before transferring to Cheshire View to become a Daylight. That’s move generated the necessary invigoration for the Lodge, since they moved their numbers have grown in strength and every meeting is packed with guests. WBro George Mann APGM attended to review Robert’s work both in Lodge and in his very distinguished Police career. Now retired, Robert looks after his wife Marian, plays golf and visits his family living in Spain. Retired Senior Cheshire Police Officers from all over the Province attended to provide support to Robert who was given a very smart cut glass Whisky Glass, a bottle of fine Malt and a bottle of blended whisked with Drambuie by Lodge members to make a concoction called a “rust nail”.

The Festive Board was full of fun with singing and much merriment as Robert relayed a story about how he always asked his Officers to work hard and reward would follow, many happy memories were exchanges just in time for a true “Cheshire Daylight Lodge” to close at 2.30pm on the dot and no later.

WBro Robert Spence with WBro George Mann APGM accompanied by the Lodge Master, Senior and acting Junior Warden.

A fine group of retired Cheshire Police Officers support Robert, a former Detective Chief Inspector based at Runcorn on the occasion of his Golden Anniversary in Freemasonry

Massive support from Grand Officers and Acting Provincial Officers when Robert Spence celebrated his 50th Anniversary as a member of Wythenshawe Lodge. Robert Spence and George Mann APGM centre