Provincial Hassocks at Chester Cathedral

Sharp-eyed Karen from our Provincial Office found these Province of Cheshire hassocks in Chester Cathedral on Saturday 15 October 2016 when looking for a hassock relating to her church. The hassocks detail Craft and Royal Arch Orders and look relatively new, reflecting yet again the bond between our Churches and Freemasonry. If you have hassocks of a Masonic
nature in your church why not send a photograph to your Area Communication officer for submission of a story..

_photograph-of-hassocks-in-the-cathedralPhotograph of Hassocks in the Cathedral

hassock-showing-cheshire-craft-freemasonry-at-chester-cathedral-hassock-number-3720Hassock showing Cheshire Craft Freemasonry at Chester Cathedral
Hassock Number 3720

hassock-showing-cheshire-royal-arch-freemasonry-at-chester-cathedral-hassock-number-2450Hassock showing Cheshire Royal Arch Freemasonry at Chester Cathedral
Hassock Number 2450