Our Ron Receives a Note of Thanks

Big hearted Ron Evans the Provincial TLC Officer was fast off the mark to lend support to children caught up in the recent Manchester bombing as reported on this Web site 25 May.   By 8.30 am on 23 May, the day after the bombing, Ron was on his way by train to Manchester carrying a massive bag full of TLC bears to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, a welcome gift from Cheshire Freemasons as their own East Lancashire supply had run out. Recently Ron received thanks from the Hospital Community Fundraising Manager and our Provincial Grand Master RWBro Stephen Blank for his spontaneous offer of help. Such offers of cross-border kindness are always appreciated but always check with our Provincial Grand Secretary before making any approach outside Cheshire.

Big Hearted Ron Evans, a member of  Samaritan Lodge and
Cheshire’s TLC Officer