MND Sufferer Becomes a Freemason

Jason Liversedge, who is 42 and a father of two recently became a member of Wyke Millennium Lodge No. 9696 in Beverley, Yorkshire. Jason who is battling the crippling motor neurone disease was initiated at a specially adapted ceremony to allow him to join Freemasonry and thus able to continue a family tradition, as his grandfather and father were both Freemasons.

Jason who was diagnosed with the rare Fabry Disease in 2013 before being diagnosed with MND a year later, he has to use a motorised wheelchair and is almost completely unable to move.

Brian Baker, of Wyke Millennium Lodge said; “Jason is a really impressive individual who has never let his very considerable disabilities get in the way of enjoying his life and being with his family, he is just the kind of man we are proud to have in our Lodge”.

I am sure that you will join the Province of Cheshire in wishing Bro Jason every success on his Masonic journey.


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