Memories Come Flooding Back for Alan Mawdsley

A very keen football player all his life Alan Mawdsley once had an invitation to join Manchester City Football Club but was seconded to the RAF during the war years and made a return to make a new life to work as a Senior Insurance Inspector. Now Alan assists others at the Erlas Walled Garden part of the Bryn Estyn Estate near Wrexham looking after disabled children in the technique of raising vegetables and flowers.

Alan Frank Mawdsley became a Freemason fifty years ago on 4 October 1967 in Deva Lodge 3447 at Hunter Street Masonic Hall and remembers what Chester was like in his boyhood having moved to the City as a youngster from Manchester at just 4 years of age. Having lived through the Second World War Alan remembers the two spitfires that collided over Lache Primary School, one managed to limp back to Hawarden Airport, the other crashed on open ground at Saltney. Alan was also reminded of how Chester Zoo has expanded and is now the second most popular payable tourist site outside London.

Memories came flooding back as WBro George Mann APGM revealed some of names and aspects of Alan’s Masonic Life and how he had worked in so many key locations within the City whilst with the National Farmers Union Mutual. The celebration evening was supported by a good number of newly appointed Acting Provincial Officers all eager to show off their new Badge and Jewel presented to them a little over 24 hours ago by the Provincial Grand Master.

A little more than 24 hours into their year of office Acting Provincial
Officers support the Province by attending Bro Alan Mawdsley’s
50th Anniversary.

WBro George Mann APGM congratulates Bro Alan Mawdsley on this Golden