Loyal City Lodge and Clarence Chapter Sponsor 900 mile Bike Ride

Michael Coleran has just completed a sponsored bike ride from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Stornoway riding just over 900 miles! He was sponsored by family and friends as well as Loyal City Lodge No.4839 and Clarence Chapter No.2386 and altogether raised £4834 plus gift aid of £600, bringing the total to a magnificent £5434!

What is CRY?   It is a registered charity which provides free tests on young people who may be susceptible to sudden death due to undiagnosed cardiac problems. Michael’s brother died at an early age from such undiagnosed problems. Why the Isle of Wight? Both Michael and his brother served as prison officers on the Isle of Wight and Michael got a good send off from The Governor of Parkhurst who also sponsored the ride. WELL DONE MICHAEL!

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