Lodge of Independence Calls the Family Together

Over 100 Chester Freemasons attended Lodge of Independence “family get-together” to mark the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge.  Lodge of Independence is the oldest now meeting at Cheshire View, it was consecrated in 1857 at the Pied Bull in the heart of Chester and has to its credit six daughter Lodges and five grand-daughter Lodge; representatives from each attended a special first degree ceremony followed by a splendid banquet.

Their new member Bro Ryan Nicholas Garnish was Initiated with great aplomb by a team of first class ritualist drawn from Caerlleon Lodge 4394 and St. James Lodge 6852, WBro George Mann APGM was on hand to welcome Bro Ryan to Freemasonry. One thing is certain Ryan will never forget the evening when he was Initiated as a Freemason, everyone present left with a firing glass specially engraved to mark the this very special occasion.

Cheshire will celebrate its own Tercentenary in 2025, Lodge of Independence members are already talking about another re-union of  “The Family”

Lodge of Independence with members from Daughter and Grand Daughter Lodges who assisted during the ceremony.

Brother Ryan Garnish EA and Master of Lodge of Independence WBro Christopher Cutler.

Everyone applauding just enjoying each-others good company.

The banquet enjoyed by everyone.