Learn more about the First Degree Ceremony

Member and guests of The Four Cardinal Virtues Lodge 979 will be making a further step into advancement of their Masonic knowledge on 22 March when they hold a First Degree demonstration ceremony at Willaston Masonic Hall with explanations by W. Brother David Hinde PJGD.  David will detail why we do certain things as the meeting progresses and members will be invited to ask questions.

Everyone is welcome, the Lodge will Tyle at 6.30 pm and the cost of the Festive Board is £15.00. A summons will be sent to all applicants. For information or to book your place please contact WBro David Allen at unclefestuh@gmail.com

This is an ideal meeting for all Mater Masons Forum members and anyone who has recently become a Freemason.

We look forward to seeing you there.