King’s Friends’ No 293 Celebrates 225 Years


On Tuesday, 27th. March, 2018 the Lodge Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Ian Sykes PPJGW, opened the Lodge at 4.00pm to begin the Lodge’s Celebration of attaining 225 years of continuous working. The Lodge room was filled to capacity with 31 Members and 56 Visitors who witnessed an Initiation Ceremony, in period dress, as practiced in the year 1759.

The Demonstration was superbly carried out by Members of the 1759 Masonic Demonstration Team from the Province of East Lancashire. The team being based in the Burnley and Pendle area, and led by W.Bro. John Hudson. Their aim being supporting Charity and demonstrating the similarity and differences that have evolved since 1759.

Kings Friends Lodge provided an “ Initiate “ and the Demonstration proceeded; the content of which was highly informative, interspersed with genuine humour ( also with many interruptions for refreshment !!!!!), and was extremely entertaining. The Ceremony was realistic, and carried out in nothing but candlelight as it would have been. The fact it was also done in the dress of the day added to the authenticity.

At the conclusion of the Demonstration, W.Bro. Ian Sykes formally thanked the Demonstration Team, called upon those present to show their appreciation. This they did with great acclamation.

After the Lodge was Closed, celebratory photographs were taken and the Brethren retired to the Festive Board.

To mark the attaining of 225 years, the Lodge had commissioned a glass tumbler, suitably inscribed with the Lodge logo and suitable wording of the celebration. Everyone attending received a tumbler to remember the Lodge’s milestone of 225 years.

Such events don’t just happen, they have to be organised, W.Bro. Keith Burrows and those who assisted him, were thanked by the Worshipful Master.

The Celebrations concluded at 10.00pm, those attending dispersed, but could not help but remember a most enjoyable, and historic evening.

So, we now embark on completing 250 years !!!!!!!!

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