How our Community Grant is Helping Others

Earlier this year WBro George Mann APGM presented a Community Cheque to a Charity called “Chapter” based in the Chester Area. This charity provides various types of therapy for people suffering with mental health including growing vegetables, later sold to the public through farmers markets. Our Cheque was used by the Charity to replace a garden tool shed and purchase new gardening tools all of which had gone past “their sell by date”. Recently the shed was demolished and replaced with a spanking new watertight structure that will now house new gardening tools. This change has given members the impetus to grow even more vegetables whilst keeping busy doing what they like best, “gardening”, thanks to a little help from Cheshire Freemasons.

The old garden shed  well past its sell by date

The replacement shed, watertight and smart thanks to a little help from Cheshire Freemasons