Golden Anniversary celebration for John Milton from Bridgegate Lodge No.5961

There was a massive support for Golden Anniversary celebrant John Milton from Bridgegate Lodge as he marked 50 years of Freemasonry to the very evening.

Provincial Leaders, Acting and Grand Officers attended in great numbers, many from an earlier Royal Arch Meeting at Sandbach to wish John well. WBro John is a pure Cestrian with a former business in the City of Chester, during the evening WBro George Mann APGM uncovered the story behind the Milton battery Charging Company in Chester when the city had three steam powered generators and a hydroelectric scheme on the River Dee to provide the “juice” for his accumulator business which later to develop into a public speaker broadcasting stations seen at every gymkhana and public event in Cheshire.
John now assists many Chester Lodges by acting as Tyler, his enthusiasm and support for Freemasonry at both Hunter Street and Cheshire View know no bounds. John has turned his hand to many talents even supporting Masonic Children’s Parties at Hunter Street and decorating the building. During the evening WBro George Mann promoted John to the new rank of PPSGW in recognition for his tremendous work in Freemasonry, the Community and at Masonic Halls.

Members of Bridgegate Lodge presented John with a Golden Anniversary Plate endorsed to show his new rank of PPSGW.

George Mann and Gary Horstman with Acting and Grand Officers supporting John during his Golden Anniversary celebration at Bridgegate Lodge when he became a freemason exactly 50 years to the day on 23 February 1967 at Hunter Street Masonic Hall.