George Train Celebrates his Golden Anniversary

Well known Grand Officer and former Past Senior Warden of the Province, WBro George Henry Train celebrated his Golden Anniversary at a special dispensation meeting of Penda Lodge on 17 March to mark 50 years’ service.

George is a native of Newcastle and still to this day you can detect the very popular Geordie dialect. WBro George Mann APGM was on hand to review some of the George’s past activities in Freemasons when he was Initiated at Freedom Lodge in Newcastle, a former Boy Scout and Gas Analysing Engineer working around the world. George moved with his job to Sandbach in 1973 to become a member of Penda Lodge and from there he progressed quickly holding key offices with great distinction. His talents were recognised and was appointed Prov Senior Grand Warden of the Province in 2007 where he and his chum WBro Kevin Dickens Prov. Junior Grand Warden set new standards for visiting Lodges in the Province.

George is a keen supported and fund raiser of St. Luke’s Cheshire Hospice working every week delivering merchandise to shops and outlets. Penda Lodge presented George with a cheque to mark his Anniversary which he will donate to McMillian Nursing at Leighton Hospital. Recently George was a patient
at Leighton Hospital and jokingly asked for a TLC bear, the nursing staff told time it was only for children but Penda members made their own bear to present to George complete with Masonic Apron. Throughout the evening George was supported by eighteen former Wardens of the Province and over thirty Grand and Provincial Officers, he is a most popular Freemason practicing out of the Lodge those talents he has been taught in it.

Senior Leaders of the Province support WBro George Train on the occasion of his Golden Anniversary Left to right : WBro Adrian Davies; WBro George Mann; WBro George Train; VWBro Alan Glazier; WBro Paul Massie.
(Adrian Davies, George Mann and Paul Massie are all former Wardens of the Province)

WBro George Train with his special TLC bear complete with Masonic Apron (If the Hospital wouldn’t give him a bear his Lodge will)

WBro George Mann APGM; VWBro Alan Glazier DPGM; WBro George Train; WBro Kevin Dickens; George and Kevin were Wardens of the Province in 2007 and set new standards when visiting Lodges and acting as Ambassadors for the Province

The two George’s deep in conversation at George Trains Golden Anniversary.