Gateways Lodge Celebrate Trefor Owens Golden Anniversary at Queen Elizabeth Court

A very warm welcome was offered by Queen Elizabeth Court, Llandudno to members and guests of Gateways Lodge when they moved their meeting to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of member Hugh Trefor Jones Owen PPAGPurs who is wheel chair bound and a resident of the home. The Welsh Flag was flying, there was a welcome sign above the door and Welsh daffodils decorated every corner of the Lodge and Banquet rooms. Being wheel chair bound makes it very difficult for Trefor to attend his Lodge in Chester so Lodge members decided to move to Llandudno.

Special dispensation was given by the Provinces of Cheshire and North Wales to hold a Lodge meeting in the RMBI Home at Llandudno. Lodge furniture was transported from Cheshire View including candlesticks, carpet, pedestals and columns not forgetting the Lodge Warrant. WBro George Mann APGM attended to talk very briefly about Trefor who was a well-known Chester Freemason, footballer and organist who played for 12 Lodges before an accident confined him to a wheel chair. WBro George Mann presented Trefor with his Certificate signed by the Provincial Grand Master WBro Stephen Martin Blank and the Lodge presented him with an engraved Tercentenary Jewel. At a White Table Festive Board Trefor very proudly wore his jewel and was joined by his wife Noreen. Thanks were offered to Queen Elizabeth Court Manager Michelle and Chef Lee who had ensured this day was very special for a resident of their home and a fine Freemason.

A welcome sign above the door to the Lounge specially prepared as a Lodge Room

The Welsh Flag flies outside Queen Elizabeth Court welcoming members of the Lodge

Members and Guests who attended the Special Lodge Meeting Trefor flanked by the Master WBro John Paton and WBro George Mann APGM

The Banquet Tables all decorated with lots of Daffodils (we were in Wales)

A very Proud Trefor Owen wearing his engraved Tercentenary Jewel

WBro George Mann APGM and Master WBro John Paton thank Michelle the home manager for allowing the Lodge to meet at Queen Elizabeth Court.

Flowers for Noreen, Trefor’s wife what a delightful way to end a splendid day.