Four in a Row for Samaritan Lodge

A sincere first degree ceremony, good food, excellent service and a Lodge full of jovial members and guests, that sums up Samaritan Lodge’s meeting on 6 April when over 50 members and guests attended Sandbach Masonic Hall.

Their latest member Bro Lindsay Beeston joins three other Entered Apprentices in the Lodge, a further two await to before Freemasons. The Lodge has developed an enjoyable mix of hard work in Lodge generating first class ceremonies, a quality efficient Festive Board and a vibrant social life.

Last year the Lodge donated a five figure sum to local charities and this year a similar figure will be matched. WBro Ron Evans the Provincial TLC Officer made passing comment in Lodge that stimulated the Master WBro Geoff Newsome to rise to the occasion with a further donation of £200 for the TLC appeal. A splendid evening, everyone left the building with a real buzz already planning to visit the next Samaritan Lodge Meeting.

Samaritan Lodge have already held several socials this year, the next is planned at the Master’s farm in Kelsall where he plans to hold a massive Summer Family Sunday BBQ, for details contact the Lodge Secretary.

WBro Ron Evans Cheshire’s TLC Representative made a change remark in Lodge; it was picked up by the Master and generated £200 for the TLC appeal. That’s £450 in two consecutive meetings.BRo Lindsey Beeston, Samaritan Lodges newest member chatting to WBro George Mann APGM
between a five course dinner at the Festive Board. Samaritan Lodge now has four Entered Apprentices (they are running short of
aprons) left to right George Mann APGM; David Bloor; Tom Death; Master Geoff
Newsome; Paul Harrower; Lindsey Beeston