Four Cardinal Virtues Host Talking Heads

On 28 February members of Four Cardinal Virtues Lodge 979 hosted a demonstration of the Royal Arch “Lecture Talking Heads” 48 members and guests attended their meeting at Willaston Masonic Hall to witness a very interesting discussion between a Master Mason acted by Stef William and
Peter Handcock who acted as the Royal Arch Companion. They asked each other questions relating to joining Royal Arch with some very surprising answers.
The Meeting was Narrated by Peter Langley and Chaired by Tom Bebington. On hand to answer further questions were APGP’s Dave Williams, Stephen Teare, Simon Palfreyman and Barry jobber Third Grand Provincial Principal.

The meeting attracted a good number of MMF members identifiable by their colourful ties. Mike Coles was in attendance to ensure all members questions were correctly addressed. The MMF will travel to Great Queen Street in June by train to visit Grand Lodge, any MMF member or MM who would like to attend please make contact with Mike Coles via the Provincial Office.

George Mann APGM was on hand to support the team and represent Craft who urged brethren to consider becoming a Companion in Royal Arch before any other Order and only after they had settled in their Craft Lodges. Lively discussion continued at the Festive Board where members sat at round tables and a table raffle generated a massive £230.00 for Local Charities.

The next talking Heads demonstration in Area Five will be at Westminster Lodge on 21 March 2017.

Photograph: Left to right: Tom Bebington; Peter Langley; Simon Palfreyman; Barry
Jobber; Master Paul Crosby; Simon Teare; Stef Williams; Peter Handcock;
David Williams