‘Father and Son’ duo Exalted into Royal Arch Masonry

Tuesday 16th April 2019 saw a rare occasion of a ‘Father and Son’ duo that were exalted into Four Cardinal Virtues Royal Arch Chapter No. 979

The Principals and Companions were delighted to exalt into Royal Arch Masonry – WBro James Basford and his Son, Bro Ian Basford in the presence of Area 5 APGP EComp David A Williams PGStB, accompanied by 2 officers of Supreme Grand Chapter EComp David Hinde PAGSoj and EComp David Kinsey PGStB as well as other acting Provincial Officers.

The ceremony was conducted in fine form by MEZ EComp Rick Bradfield who was ably assisted by EComp Paul Crosby (H) and EComp Ian Muirhead (J) and other officers of the Chapter.

The signs of the Royal Arch were presented and explained by Assistant Director of Ceremonies, EComp Mike Dakin, PPrGSwdBr

APGP David Williams congratulated and welcomed the newly made Companions into the order and also presented them with a useful memory card the contains information of Royal Arch.

2019 sees the 150th Anniversary of Royal Arch Masonry and if you are not already a member please see your Royal Arch Contact Officer on how to join, their details can be found on every Craft Summons.

This was re-enforced at the festive board by the APGP who said “Joining the Royal Arch creates a further understanding of masonic knowledge that is both enjoyable and rewarding, it’s never too late to continue your journey”

Pictured left to right:

EComp Paul Crosby (H); Comp Ian Basford; MEZ Comp Rick Bradfield; Area 5 APGP EComp David A Williams PGStB; Comp James Basford; EComp Ian Muirhead (J)

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