David Ascot from Merlin Lodge Celebrates his Golden Anniversary Twice

David Ascot Greaves a joining member of Merlin Lodge started his Masonic journey in Kidderminster at his Old School Lodge King Charles 1st Grammar School. It was David’s fathers idea to Initiate him into his Lodge but there was a queue, Old Carolian Lodge offered David a place immediately and so he was Initiated in his School Lodge formed by Old Boys and Masters. George Mann APGM detailed David’s interesting past where from an Apprentice he climbed the ladder to become a very senior member of the Service Department with the British Motor Corporation afterwards to become a leading light in the Society of Motor Manufacturers appearing on Radio and Television. He later moved on to become a Service Executive with Rolls Royce. David Joined Freemasonry in 1966 the very same year he was Married to Ann, this year he celebrates two Golden Anniversaries – Well done David.

David has two sons, both were Initiated into Merlin Lodge. Benjamin has now moved on to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army but James remains with the Lodge as Treasurer. At the Festive Board members and guests tucked into traditional Festive Fair followed by Christmas Carols accompanied by Member of Merlin Lodge playing their musical instruments. A great evening was had by all.

Left to right: Acting Oficers who supported the evening and Lodge Master with the Golden Anniversary Member; Steff Williams ProvAGDC; Ian Brown Prov.JGD; Graham Kirby Prov.GSwdB; George Mann APGM; David Greaves Golden Anniversary Celebrant; James Valentine WM; Lyndon Loweth Prov.AGDC; John Goodier Prov.GStwd; Stuart Jones Prov.DGDC.

Congratulation to David Greaves from Merlin Lodges own Grand Officer Edward Appleton, accompanied by George Mann APGM

Merlin Lodge’s Musical Brethren Left to right : Derek Gardener Lodge Secretary; Jonathan Miles IPM; Stephen Gardener (Derek’s son) David Wood Lodge DC.