Dad Came to Support

Todd Death’s father travelled from the Province of Hampshire and Isle of White to witness his son’s raising at a packed meeting of Samaritan Lodge at Sandbach on 1 November.  Todd who now lives and works in Cheshire decided to become a Freemason and follow in his Dad’s footsteps, he was supported at every stage by his father who travelled the 230 miles from the Isle of White for every ceremony.  Mike participated in Todd’s Initiation ceremony by presenting the Charge and the Traditional History in the Third Degree.

Samaritan Lodge is one of Cheshire’s “Lunar Lodges” and meets according to the position of the moon, it was formed in 1821 and history tells us the Lodge only met on a full moon so members could walk home with some form of light. Todd has joined a fine Lodge with many ancient traditions and will always remember his introduction to Freemasonry when Dad came to support.

WBro Geoff Newsome WM, Bro Todd Death, WBro Mike Death, WBro Neil Bailey DC.