Cyril Acton will reoccupy the Masters Chair after 40 years.

Nearly Forty Years ago in 1977 Worshipful Brother Cyril Acton was appointed first Master of The Round Table Lodge of South Cheshire 8787, now renamed Sanbec Lodge after the ancient town of Sandbach. On 10 October 2016, Very Worshipful Brother Cyril Acton, PDepProvGM,  PGSwdB will again take the chair to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Lodge.

In those 40 years we have seen many changes; HMS Invincible was launched and scrapped, Freddie Laker was the first to introduce cheap cross Atlantic flights we now take as the norm and we were all jubilant we had just joined the Common Market now we are about to leave.

Many events in history have changed but one stalwart remains to reoccupy the Master’s chair of Sanbec Lodge for the second time. VWBro Cyril Acton will head the celebrations of the Lodge’s 40th Anniversary and reflect on the many changes this Lodge and others have seen in the Province of Cheshire over the past forty years.

Anyone wishing to attend this very special meeting of Sanbec Lodge may apply for a ticket, please write to Lodge Secretary, Chris Tapper ,using email

VWBro-Cyril-ActonVWBro Cyril Acton – Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master