Chester’s University Scheme

The University Lodge of Chester again made history on Saturday 28 January when they raised FIVE members of their Lodge in a well-groomed ceremony carried out by Master WBro Keith Gray, The Five Master Masons with an average age of 22 years were raised in two groups, of three and two, all members of the Lodge took part in escorting the students followed by an impeccable presentation of the Traditional History by WBro Dr Tony Mathie. The five were all presented with a VSL on which they has taken their three obligations. WBro George Mann APGM was on hand to congratulate the Members on becoming Master Masons and wished them lasting enjoyment as they continue their Masonic Journey.

During the afternoon the Universities Scheme Travelling Loving Cup, originally launched WBro David Kenneth Williamson in 2015 was handed over to five representatives of Liverpool University Lodge by WBro George Mann APGM to Liverpool student member Bro Tom Crowley who had made a difficult journey from Liverpool due to rail tunnel closures. The Loving cup has already been to University Lodges in Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester and amassed many hundreds of miles.

The Loving Cup was passed around the Festive Board following the meal and after Grace in the traditional manner with members standing either side with their backs to the drinker so as to protect him from attack. A great morning and afternoon enjoyed by everyone in the true spirit of Freemasonry and the University Scheme.

The University Lodge of Chester is doing extremely well since it was formed in 2012, the recent “Fresher’s Week” generated tremendous interest in Freemasonry, during the morning a further six candidates were proposed and more are poised to start their Masonic voyage, one of their members who recently graduated and moved to another part of the country has joined a Lodge in his new home town thanks to the University tracking system and enjoyment he experienced whilst in Chester.

 Five New Masons clasping their copy of the VSL on which they had taken their three obligations; Bro Charles Hallett, Bro Sonny Smith, Bro Mathew McGowan, Bro Patrick Bunker and Bro Mathew William-Cooke surrounded and supported by the Master WBro Keith Gray and Grand Officers WBro Kai Hughes, WBro Tony Mathie, WBro Mike McGarva, WBro David Hughes, WBro Barry Evans and WBro George Mann APGM.
Five members from Liverpool University Lodge collect the Loving Cup from University Lodge of Chester – WBro Keith Grey (Chester), WBro David Goddard (Liverpool) WBro Kai Hughes (Liverpool), Bro Tom Crowley, WBro David Hughes (both Liverpool); WBro George Mann APGM Cheshire, WBro Alan Moore (Liverpool)Master WBro Keith Gray holding the Loving Cup flanked by WBro Mark Gleave Lodge Secretary and WBro David Hughes PAGDC and two University Lodge of Chester members Bro Joseph McShane and Bro Mathew Williams-Cooke

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  1. Re the University Loving Cup Report. Out of interest Bro Tom Crowley joined St Werburgh Rose Croix Chester last year – along with Bro Seb Jones. Bro Jack Pedley joins us this month –
    All MMs of Liverpool University Lodge!

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