Caerlleon Lodge 4394 Celebrates a Members Diamond Anniversary

A Diamond Anniversary Certificate for Sea Captain William Nelson Prichard.

WBro Bill Prichard a “Lewis Freemason” followed his father into Caerlleon Lodge 60 years ago when the Lodge met at Hunter Street in the Centre of Chester. Bill has spent many years at sea as Captain of both Cargo and Passenger Liners he has visited almost every port in the word and travelled up and down the Red Sea until he lost count. Now retired he can spend more time at home with his wife and family attending his Lodge on a regular basis to share his worldly experiences with many of the younger candidates the Lodge is attracting through is relaxed and enjoyable ceremonies. Bill is also a guide in Chester Cathedral and will be keen to point out the many ancient Masonic plaques that exist within the building. WBro George Mann APGM attended Caerlleon’s 17 February meeting to present Bill with his Provincial Certificate congratulating and thanking him for his service to Freemasonry over 60 years.

WBro William Nelson Prichard (former Captain) centre received his certificate from WBro George Mann APGM and Lodge Master WBro David Turvey surrounded by members of his Lodge.