Blood and Samples 24 Hours per Day by Cheshire and Merseyside Blood Bikers

WBro Colin Roberts a Past Master and member of Clarence Lodge 2386 based in Chester is a volunteer emergency speed bike courier ferrying blood, plasma, baby milk and laboratory samples between hospitals in Cheshire and Merseyside. On call 24 hours a day Colin and his team provide a vital fast link between hospitals, if it wasn’t for Colin and his team hospitals would be charged £17.00 per taxi journey, Cheshire and Merseyside blood bikers do it for charity. As an example of Colin’s work, on 4 October Colin was awoken at 3.30am from his Chester bed to ferry urgently needed blood samples between Clatterbridge and Arrow Park Hospitals, again at 10.30am the same morning he was asked to take urgently required baby milk from the University of Chester to Whiston Hospital in Prescot, Liverpool. On 3rd Oct it was a similar story with six trips between Clatterbridge and Arrow Park with Blood samples.

The bike is an ex-police 1300 cc Honda equipped with blue lights and siren should it be needed. On the back is a special platform designed to strap on boxes of vital supplies/samples, all colour coded to identify the contents. The bikes cost £3,500 to insure per year, petrol is supplied by the biker or the charity who are in desperate need for finance. If any Lodge is looking for a different charity to support, think of Colin and his team of motor cyclists who are on call all weathers, 24 hours per day, providing support for the NHS. Details of the charity can be found on the Web

  colin-roberts-on-his-honda-blood-bikeColin Roberts on his Honda Blood Bike

safety-helmet-and-safety-camera-ready-to-go-anywhere-in-cheshire-and-merseysideSafety Helmet and safety camera ready to go anywhere in Cheshire and Merseyside

another-view-of-the-blood-bikeA close up view of the Blood Bike