“Big Nev’s 50th”

left to right:- Bro Karl Beattie SW, WBro Simon Richardson, PJGD AProvGM, WBro Neville Bosworth, PProvJGW, WBro Lyndon Loweth, PProvAGDC WM, Bro David Platt JW.

WBro Neville Frank Bosworth, PProvJGW affectionately known as “Big Nev” to differentiate him from other Nevilles in the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple celebrated 50 years in Freemasonry at a recent Lodge meeting. In attendance was WBro Simon Richardson AProvGM who gave a precis of Neville’s personal, business and Masonic life. Neville had already celebrated his 50 years in Freemasonry at a previous meeting of his other Lodge in the Province of Nottinghamshire. The WM, WBro Lyndon Loweth, who had been initiated into Freemasonry by WBro Neville in 2004 presented him with an engraved whisky tumbler on behalf of the brethren. An excellent Summer themed festive board followed attended by nearly 50 members and guests. Neville thanked all for attending and mentioned many of his Masonic highlights, a further presentation took place with a bottle of Malt Whisky for Neville and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for him to take home to Sylvia, his wife of 63 years.

One thought on ““Big Nev’s 50th”

  1. I must explain that the bottle of malt(Glenfiddich)was for me and the flowers were for Sylvia,as I would not want anyone to get the wrong impression.Sylvia drinks Metaxa 7 star.
    “Big Nev”

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