Area Five’s Final Bucket Full of Money for ther 2016 Cheshire Festival

Every penny counts, that was the theme of yesterdays “Area Five Bucket Meeting” held at Justice-cum-Waldron Lodge on 29 March, the last possible date to make donations to the Cheshire’s 2016 Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival before posting to London for inclusion in the final count taking place on 31 March.

Lodges and Chapters from all over Area Five packed into the Lodge room at Willaston to empty their piggy banks, money boxes and submit their final cheques to Lodge Master Simon Hay in a big red bucket. At one time it was so heavy with change he nearly dripped it ! During the meeting Paul Richards Chairman of the Festival and George Mann APGM presented Patron Certificates to South Cheshire Lodge, Crown Lodge and Lodge of Unity thanking them for their contribution.

Chris Renshaw gave a presentation on how the Area had faired during the Festival when he revealed every Lodge in Area Five had made a major contribution the Festival and 554 members had become Festival Stewards. As a Province 45% of members had become a Stewards of the 2016 Festival.

At the Festive Board a set of rules appeared on every table detailing how members and guests would be fined if they failed to comply, that with a competition to guess the contents of a massive sweet jar filled copper coins and an enormous table raffle helped swelled the funds.

The total generated by Area Five’s Bucket Meeting both in the Lodge Room and at the Festive Board amounted to £4719.09. A wonderful effort for a worthwhile Masonic Charity.

Dave-Blackhurst-Lodge-Secretary;-George-Mann-APGM;-Simon-Hay-Master;-Raul-Richards-Festival-Chairman;-Dave-Firth-lodge-Charity-RepresentativeDave Blackhurst Lodge Secretary; George Mann APGM; Simon Hay Master; Raul Richards Festival Chairman; Dave Firth lodge Charity Representative

Holding-a-Massive-Cheque-for-a-Massive-DonationHolding a Massive Cheque for a Massive Donation from all Lodges and Chapters in Area Five George Mann APGM; Simon Hay Lodge Master; Paul Richards Chairman of the Festival.

That-heavy-Sweet-Bottle-of-Copper-CoinsThat heavy Sweet Bottle of Copper Coins, the winner who guessed the nearest value won a bottle of Malt Whisky

The-first-wave-of-cheques-hits-the-Big-Red-BucketThe first wave of cheques hits the Big Red Bucket

More-Cheques,-money-boxes-and-lose-coins-addedMore Cheques, money boxes and lose coins added to the massive total of £4719.09. At this point Simon nearly dropped the bucket.