Area Five Hosts the Mentors Seminar

Area Five held their Mentors Seminar at Willaston Masonic Hall on Saturday 24th September to understand the requirements and skills of Mentoring. The meeting was introduced by WBro George Mann APGM who invited WBro Ian Smith Provincial Grand Mentor and Mentors from Area Five Mentor WBro Geoff Burdett, Area three Mentor WBro Keith Howbrigg and Deputy Mentor from Area Five WBro Martin Peters to explain in detail what is required of this very skilled job of tutoring new candidates so they understand why we do certain things and to set a pattern for development. Over 25 delegates from Lodges in Areas 3 and 5 attended.

The meeting was supported by WBro David Firth Area Five Chairman and Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary WBro Mike Jervis (designate).

mentors-seminarPhotograph left to right : WBro Martin Peters; WBro Geoff Burdett, WBro Ian Smith; WBro Keith Howbrigg