Area Five Community Grant Cheques

Two local groups left Cheshire View yesterday as “Pleased as Punch” when they received their Community Grant Cheques from APGM WBro George Mann.

The Chester District Scouts want to replace their outdated rock climbing equipment used at their climbing centre at World End in North Wales. The
£800 cheque will allow them to purchase modern hard hats, ropes and harnesses. Rock Climbing Instructor Simon Ashton explained the existing equipment was coming to the end of its life and for safety had to be replaced. Four Scouts from the Chester District Scout Council attended all immaculately dressed in their well pressed Scouts Uniform. George Mann explained that Scouting and Freemasonry has much in common and that we were planning a new Scouting themed Lodge in Cheshire and hoped they would attend when we held a get-together later in the year.

Chapter (West Cheshire) is an organisation based at Ellesmere Port specialising for the past 25 years in providing support to people suffering with mental health, in total 120 people per year attend the special centre which provides therapy through special projects. The group have two allotment centres at Hoole and Mickle Trafford and require an extension to their poly-tunnel and glass house enabling them to grown their plants for setting out and eventually selling produce at local farmers markets. Centre Manager Dominique Lardner received the £1500 cheque from WBro George Mann and follows a request for financial assistance from University and St. James Lodge member Jim Middleton who also helps at the Centre. This year the Centre has a waiting list and is always looking for volunteers who provide 1 to 1 assistance.

Lift to Right WBro Adrian Davies APGM three representing the Scouts at Knutsford before moving to Crewe later this year; Simon Ashton Climbing Instructor, Alex 1, and Alex 2, Ian McIntyre member of St. James Lodge and Scout Leader, WBro George Mann APGM Area Five

WBro George Mann APGM presents a cheque to Alex watched by another Alex. Alex (sporting the very distinguishing waxed curled moustache) is the grandson of well-known Chester Freemason WBro Tony Morris, Secretary of Westminster Lodge

WBro George Mann APGM presents a cheque to Dominique Lardner accompanied by WBro Adrian Davis APGM and WBro Jim Middleton