Are We Seeing Double? No its New Members for St Anselms Lodge

A special dispensation meeting of St Anselm Lodge was necessary to Initiate two new members, Bro Steven Pickering and Bro Patrick Gill who are now proud Freemasons. The ceremony took place on Tuesday at Queen Street Chester and despite a massive traffic jam on surrounding roads members and guests were able to witness a splendid and most sincere ceremony carried out by Past Masters of the Lodge.

St Anselm Lodge are heavily engaged in introducing new members to Freemasonry, they now have three Entered Apprentices and two Fellowcraft with more on the horizon, their meetings are lively and enjoyable where new members are encouraged to take an active part in the running of their lodge under the guidance of senior members always remembering, a little at a time makes an enjoyable daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge.

WBro George Mann APGM; WBro Paul Wood Worshipful Master; Bro Steven Pickering; Bro Patrick Gill; WBro Robert Smith Acting Worshipful Master

Bro Patrick Gill; Bro James Pugh; Bro Robin Gill; Bro James Bowey; Bro Steve Pickering