A Splendid Evening with the Provincial Leaders at Cheshire View

A “Howling Success” was how Masters and First Principals described yesterday’s Masters and First Principals Annual Dinner at Cheshire View.

Fifty Masters and First Principals enjoyed dinner in the company of leaders from Craft and Royal Arch in an informal setting, chatting and asking questions about the development of our Province. VWBro Alan Glazier DPGM was on hand to address members about a wide range of subjects and described 2017 as the Tercentenary year of Grand Lodge, a year of celebration and enjoyment for members and family.

Following his resume of planned activities in the Province questions were invited and answered by WBro George Mann APGM, WBro David Williams APGP, WBro Phil Rowland Second Provincial Grand Principal and the Reverend Barry Jobber Third Provincial Grand Principal.

The evening was presided over by Area Chairman WBro David Firth who proposed just two Toasts with help from Area Secretary WBro Martin Yoxall who acted as Chaplain and organised the table layout working under the influence of the “Red Napkin”, only delegates who attended will know what that means.

Tables already primed with the “Red Napkin” waiting for delegates.

Ian Brown Prov.JGD; Richard Sutton Kilmorey Lodge; Jim Homer ProvAGStdB.

Phil Rowlands Second Provincial Grand Principal enjoying coffee and a chat after a splendid meal with colleagues.

Table Card for Area Five Dinner at Christleton, the second Area Five Dinner will be held at Sandbach on 25 January.