A Candidates Preparation Explained by the Master Masons Forum

Members of the Master Masons Forum (MMF) delivered an excellent presentation at Caerlleon Lodge on Friday 21 April detailing the theory behind “Preparation of a Candidate”. MMF members travelled from all over the Province to take part in the demonstration, it so impressed everyone present that visitors were anxious to exchange names so their Lodge could host such a meeting, even guests from across the border in North Wales offered invitations.

The lecture, coupled with a live demonstration, details every element of the initiates preparation, it breaks it down into understandable terms so members can comprehend the logic why we do certain things. WBro Mike Coles PAGStB and Chairman of the MMF directed the presentation which was supported by APGM’s WBro George Mann and WBro Paul Massie. Following the demonstration, members and guests joined in a sumptuous Cheshire View Festive Board well controlled by DC WBro Alan Tarbuck allowing everyone the opportunity of returning home at a reasonable hour whilst buzzing with adrenalin at the thought of attending another MMF presentation.

Members and Guests at Caerlleon Lodge with the MMF Demonstration Team.