50 Year Celebration at Saxon Crosses Lodge 6227

Saxon Crosses Lodge member Alex Bradley celebrated his 50th Anniversary of continuous service to Freemasonry on Monday 18 January when George Mann APGM related his most interesting past life in both the community and the craft. Members were told how, when as a member of the RAF’s Airfields Construction Service team, he toured the country making good bomb damage, he later became Master of his various Lodges six times and in the evening made several replica working Steam Traction Engines in his garage. When not tinkering in his workshop he would take off his overalls and put on his dancing shoes to Morris Dance all over the country with bells and white handkerchiefs . On occasions he would accompany the group on his mouth organ or piano accordion.

Saxon Cross Members presented Alex with a special Morris Dancers cake made by Mrs Turnball and to make the point at the Festive Board two members addressed Alex in dancing costume complete with sash, sticks and bells. Earlier in the evening George Mann promoted Alex to the new rank of PPrJGW in recognition of his many services to Freemasonry and the Community.

Alex-Bradley-to-the-right-of-APGM-George-Mann-with-Grand-and-Acting-Provincial-OfficersAlex Bradley to the right of APGM George Mann with Grand and Acting Provincial Officers.

Alex-Bradley-with-Mike-Coles-(Lodge-Treasurer-and-Grand-Officer)-with-the-celebration-cakeAlec Bradley with Mike Coles and the Morris Dancers cake made by Mrs Turnball