The Lodge of St. John 104 welcome a Banner Party

SAM_1887 edited
W. Bro. G Abraham presenting an inscribed Gavel to our W.M. Bro. Neil Smith

At their March meeting, attended by 45 members and 25 visitors, The Lodge of St. John, 104, welcomed a Banner Party from the Atholl Association, as a climax of the 250th Anniversary celebration of their membership of the Atholl Association.
WBro. Geoffrey Abraham PGStdB, Atholl Association Chairman & Speaker, W.Bro. Tony Shields PGStdB, Atholl Association DC & Banner Bearer, WBro Steve Kilbee PProvGSrdB, Atholl Association Banner Party, WBro Ian Porter, Atholl Association Banner Party, accompanied by Bros M Singleton and P Nuttall from the lodge, who had been invited to join the banner party. All of the banner party wore the period tricorn hats of the Association, as well as their traditional attire. The Atholl Association banner was paraded and place in the east of the lodge
WBro Abraham gave a very informative and interesting history of the Atholl Lodges. At the conclusion of his talk, he explained that it was the tradition of the Association to present to the lodge an inscribed gavel, which he then presented to the Worshipful Master. The WM gladly accepted the gift and thanked WBro Abraham for his enthralling talk.