Rededication for a New Generation

On Monday evening the Lodge of Unanimity No.89 welcomed the Provincial Grand Master, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Area 4 and Area 2 Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Simon Palfreyman and Gary Horstman, along with other distinguished guests and the Worshipful Masters of Dukinfield Masonic Hall for a special meeting.

Over the summer months considerable effort has been made to re-invigorate the main Lodge Room at the hall. The once wooden clad room with carpet that had seen better days is now wonderfully bright and freshly decorated, with newly laid carpet and a fantastic tile pavement installed in the centre of the room.

With the smell of fresh paint in the air, the Provincial Grand Master conducted a traditional rededication Ceremony. He was ably assisted by the Senior and Junior Grand Wardens of the Province. An enjoyable and fascinating meeting was had by all who attended. The festive board was also a lively affair, with port being served from the vintage decanters used by the 3 founding Lodges of the building at the original dedication some 68 years ago.

The current building was purchased in October 1928 with the first meeting taking place in 1929. However the Lodge room was not dedicated until 1950. The room was originally refurbished around 1970, in what was then the fashionable look. The walls were faced with dark plywood which covered many of the original features of the room. The latest refurbishment has once again revealed these features, the original sash windows and wartime blackout screens with 9 Victorian leaded window lights still intact.

Beyond the Lodge Room various other areas have received a lick of paint and the hardboard covering has been removed from the staircase, once again revealing the original features dating to before the building was purchased.

Further work is planned for the next summer recess, but until then we can all agree that the volunteers who completed the work have done a fantastic job and we are all eagerly awaiting to hear about what other original features are hidden under past renovation work.

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Unanimity No.89 with the Provincial Grand Master


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