Great Turnout for Area 4 Prostate Testing

David Dyson about to give a little blood
David Dyson APGM for Area 4 about to give a little blood


On 7th November at Stockport’s  Masonic Guildhall  140 Masons attended a Prostate Cancer Testing Session.  The test consists of having a small amount of blood withdrawn from the arm by a Phlebotomist for PSA ( Prostate Specific Antibody ) examination at a Laboratory.

Prostate Cancer is one of the Major causes of death in Men !!!!!!!!!   and the Province of Cheshire is running a series of testing sessions throughout the five Areas. The results from previous Testing Sessions held at Middlewich, Ellesmere Port , Wallasey, Christleton and Knutsford  have indicated that there is an urgent need to have as many Freemasons tested as is possible.

The Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group (LHPCSG) has tested more than 1,500 men this year

The charity’s chairman, Gary Steele – who was awarded an MBE in 2013 for his life-saving work and his campaign to get the Government to roll out the technique across the NHS.  received a donation of £2,000 from Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Colin Kemp Ross  at the Area 4  Committee Meeting on 6th October at Duckinfield to help offset part the cost of the PSA tests.

Each Mason tested makes a further donation towards the cost of his test. After around 1 week those tested receive a written report on their PSA results indicating  Green, Amber or Red results.

10 Masons in Area 3 have received RED warnings, advising them to seek immediate  !!!!!!  Medical advice. 

But they are only the ones who were tested—————————————- HOW MANY MORE MASONS ARE AT RISK ?????