Clive Wellings 50 Years in Freemasonry

Prestbury Lodge no 8880 was delighted to host a 50 Years in Freemasonry celebration for WBro Clive Wellings at Macclesfield Masonic Hall on Tuesday 20th May.

A goodly number of notable figures from the Province were in attendance , including VWBro Ian Cranston, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, among those also present were VWBro John Dutton, John Dearnall, Chris Welton; an APGM from E. Lancs and a former member of the lodge,  Clive was one of the founders of Prestbury Lodge in 1979, and still regularly attends, as do founders Brian Haslam and TRR Richards PPrGM who attended the Hall prior to the meeting, to give best wishes.

Ian White was the WM and he handed over the proceedings to Dr Arthur Birch. The meeting did have a tinge of sadness as this meeting was the last that Arthur would be involved with as the APGM for Area 4 before handing over the reigns to David Dyson, who was also present at the meeting as a guest of one of the members. Harmony was provided by another guest; Keith Rogerson.

Among the Acting Provincial Officers present were the John Miller PrJW and Mike Keithtley, who will take that role in October. In 2006 Clive was Acting Provincial Senior Warden and the JW was Peter Owen PPrAPGM who was also present

After Clive had been presented with his 50 Years of Service Certificate by Ian Cranston, the WM, Ian White, presented Clive with a fine crystal wine decanter as a gift from the lodge.

Following the meeting the members and guests enjoyed a 5 course dinner where much wine taking went on.

The Hall fed 63 masons who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Meeting and Social Board was efficiently run by Paul Sandiford PrDGDC.