60 Years In Freemasonary – Dennis Edward Driscoll

W Bro. Dennis Edward Driscoll recently celebrated 60 years as a Freemason.

DE Driscoll

At the age of 25 Dennis joined Cheadle Lodge No 3731 on the 10th February 1955.

Dennis first became the WM in 1968 and subsequently held office as the DC for 31 years.

Dennis was appointed PrAGDC in 1980 and PPrJGW in 1998.  As an acknowledgement of his long and distinguished service he was promoted to PPrSGW in 2005.

During his 60 years as a Mason, Dennis has only missed 6 meetings. That is one every ten years!

Dennis joined the management committee of the Guildhall and after his retirement could be seen at the Guildhall undertaking jobs to keep the building in a good state of repair. Within the guildhall there is a room named the Driscoll suite. This was not so named as is believed by some, as Dennis’ hideaway but was so titled after W.Bro.Driscoll so as to mark a debt of gratitude from the Guildhall, for all his advice, financial assistance and hard physical labour.

In addition to his Masonary, Dennis is a keen Manchester United Fan.

Dennis loved to travel and as can be seen from his impecible attendance, always planned his travel around his Masonic diary.

In his spare time Dennis loves to read and enjoys listening to mainstream music such as the American big band sounds, Ella Fitzgerald, Hogey Carmichael, Frank Sinatra just being a few of his favourites.

Dennis’s friends will tell you that he has a heart of gold and if you need help, he is the first to offer it.