50 Years in Freemasonary – Robert Harrop

It is 50 years since Robert (Bob) Harrop was admitted in to Freemasonary.



Robert Harrop with the PGM, Deputy PGM and APGM

Bob joined Norbury Lodge in 1965.

This celebration came the day after Bob’s 80th birthday.

Bob followed his father into Freemasonary making him a Lewiis.

Bob became the WM for the first time in 1976. Subsequently he has been a master in a number of lodges namely, CPGS Lodge, SLIM and Cheadle and Norbury Lodge.

Bob’s first Masonic honour was to be made Prov Grand Steward in 1983.

Enjoying his Masonic career, Bob was a founding member of SLIM No 9562 in 1993.

Bob remained with Norbury Lodge until 2006 when it merged with Cheadle Lodge. The lodeg is now known as Cheadle and Norbury Lodge of which Bob remains a member. He has been WM of this Lodge on three separate occasions. It should be noted that coincidentally, he was also the installed WM at the time of this celebration.

Bobs Masonic hounours within the craft did not end with being Prov Grand Steward. He has received several promotions:

  • 3 years after his 1st honour in 1986, he received a promotion to PPAGDC.
  • 5 years later in 1991 he was promoted to PPSGD
  • And 5 years after that, in 1996, he was promoted again to PPGSwdB
  • In 2003, he received Grand Rank, becoming PAGDC, the rank he holds today.

In 1969, Bob decided to extend his masonic knowledge and was exalted into the Royal Arch in the Chapter of Hope no 322, which he is still a member of today. This was exactly 28 years to the day that his father had been exalted into the same Chapter. He went through the First Principal’s Chair in 1982.

In 1993 as well as founding a Lodge, Bob also founded Meridian Chapter No 5060.

In Royal Arch Masonary Bob received his first honours in 1988 when he became ProvGStdB, but again his promotions did not end there:

  • 7 years later, in 1995, he was promoted to PPrGSoj.
  • And 7 years after that, he was promoted to PPrGSN
  • In 2002, he received Grand Rank, becoming PGStdB, again the rank he holds today.
  • In 2006, most of you will remember Robert was promoted to APGP for this Area, a rank he held with distinction for just over 4 years until 2010.
  • And just next week Brethren, he will be further honoured by being promoted to PAGSoj

During his time in Freemasonary Bob has visited lodges in Scotland, Zimbabwe, Kenya & California, and also a Chapter in Belgrade.

At the Social Board to Celebrate Bob’s 50 years a number of Masons commented that Bob was the eptiome of what a Mason was meant to be and that if anyone needed to know how a Mason should act, then they only had to look to Bob. Another Mason stated that if there were more people in the world with Bob’s qualities, then the world would be a much better place.

It was obvious that Bob is a well respected, kind and friendly person whos qualities make him an affable Mason with whom all Masons, no matter the length of their Masonic Career, feel at ease talking too.

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                        Bobs Cake                             Bob Cutting his Cake