WBro Peter Fawkes celebrates 60 years in Freemasonry

Tuesday 12th February 2019, at Lodge of Harmony No. 4390 meeting at Sale Masonic Hall was the date and venue for a full Lodge room to celebrate 60 years since WBro Peter Fawkes, PPrJGW, was initiated into Freemasonry.

VWBro David Dyson, PGSwdB, DepProvGM, WBro Ronald Adrian Davies PSGD, AProvGM, and WBro Peter Owen, PSGD, PAProvGM headed a retinue of Grand and Acting Officers who attended the meeting together with his many friends and Lodge members.

WBro Phillip Warner, WM, WBro Adrian Davies AProvGM, WBro Peter Fawkes and VWBro David Dyson DProvGM .

Peter, who is 84 years old was born in Blackley, Manchester on 3rd March 1934. Brought up in Moston, Manchester he attended North Manchester Grammar School where he said his interest in sport exceeded his interest in academic achievement. This did not prevent him qualifying as a Professional Chartered Engineer gaining a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, obtained at UMIST.

Peter’s entire working career was spent at the GPO Telecommunications Branch – later to become British Telecom – retiring in 1986 having achieved the position of District Engineer for Lancashire and Cumbria having served 36 years being involved in every aspect of Telecommunications engineering.

Peter’s father Albert Thomas Fawkes was a member of Lodge of Harmony and Peter was initiated as a Lewis on 20th January 1959 with his father naturally being his proposer. This was a very significant date as by then Peter was engaged to be married to Joan and the date of Peter’s initiation unfortunately clashed with Joan’s 21st Birthday. Despite this, Peter also celebrated his 50th anniversary on Joan’s birthday – Hence the Masonic saying, “Family comes first..!”

On the occasion of Peter’s 50th anniversary in the Craft, the AProvGM at that time was WBro Peter Owen who oversaw that ceremony and of course was present at his current celebration except that on this occasion WBro Peter was providing harmony in the Lodge with his skilled playing of the electronic organ. On the occasion of his 50th anniversary Peter was given a promotion to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer (PProvGSwdB) and only last year was promoted again to the high rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden (PProvJGW). It was therefore a great surprise to Peter when he was promoted yet again on the occasion of his 60th anniversary to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden (PProvSGW), news that was met with much applause from the gathered brethren.

Following the anniversary celebration, WBro Phillip Warner the WM of Lodge of Harmony resumed his chair and one of his first tasks was to present VWBro Dyson with a cheque in the sum of £600 payable to the Cheshire Freemasons Charity (CFC). This was immediately followed by WBro Fawkes who presented a second cheque in the same amount from the Lodge also for the CFC.

At the Social Board, the brethren heard that Peter’s early skill as a first class cricketer earned the admiration of his good friend Basil D’Oliveira an England International Cricketer who rated Peter easily good enough to play at international standards. Indeed Peter was the cricket development officer for Lancashire and Cheshire following his retirement from BT in 1984 and only finished that role when he had to retire at the age limit of 60 for the role.

Newly promoted WBro Peter Fawkes PProvSGW at the social board